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SmartPDF Chrome Extension Review
1 dag
  Convert almost any document to/from PDF format for free with Smart PDF SmartPDF is a Chrome Extension designed to convert documents from and into PDF format and is the #1 free PDF converter tool extension available.  Ever need to help someone update a resume or edit a contract?  Yeah, us too. This tool offers quick and easy […]
Hallo wereld.
2 weken
Welkom bij WordPress. Dit is je eerste bericht. Bewerk of verwijder het, start dan met schrijven!
Password Checkup protects your accounts
2 maanden
  Keep your accounts secure with Password Checkup Password Checkup is a Chrome Extension officially released by Google and designed to help you protect all of your accounts. The tool is very simple and works from your extension toolbar like most other Chrome Extensions. Every time you log in to a site, Password Checkup kicks […]
SeekOut Robot Adds Even More AI Functionality
4 maanden
  SeekOut Robot – AI Driven Talent Search   SeekOut has always been a great and intuitive tool, and we’ve talked about it several times on this site. However, they are constantly improving and innovating. This time, we want to highlight their different AI features, including the new SeekOut Robot. First, we’ll give a quick […]
Amazing Hiring Adds AI Update
4 maanden
  Amazing Hiring has added a great, built-in AI feature   Amazing Hiring is a great sourcing search website that builds a lot of different capabilities into one tool. The search aspect of the tool is divided into four main tabs, that each helps you streamline your sourcing process. The Search Form allows you to […]
How To Use Seamless.AI for smarter, faster sourcing
4 maanden
  Seamless.AI is both an app and an accompanying Chrome extension that helps you to both search for talent to find contact information and organizes your lists. The tool has many of the same functions as other comparable tools: searching for companies and people based on location, industry, title, etc. However, Seamless.AI sets itself apart […]
Use Swordfish For Contact Data & Sourcing
5 maanden
  Use Swordfish to help you navigate and build a your pool of talent   Swordfish works as a Chrome Extension to find contact information on a wide variety of sites and profiles. The tool itself is very simple. Once the tool is open on a site, it scans the profile to find contact information, including […]
Social List adds new Contact Finding feature
5 maanden
Social List is a very cool recruiting & sourcing tool that allows you to search through a wide variety of social sites to find people and contacts that fit your needs.  Created by Irina Shamaeva of BrainGain, you know it has to be good. In its most recent update, it adds a great new feature: […]
Chrome Extension: Scroll to Bottom
5 maanden
Saves you time, second by second.   Many common recruiting tools and applications work from sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, where scrolling to the bottom of the page can easily waste away your precious time. However, there is a tool out there that take this tedious process and makes is simple, painless, and fast. Scroll […]
Use SalesQL For Email Searches
5 maanden
“Find Linkedin contact info for free”   SalesQL is a tool that works as a Chrome Extension to find contact info on LinkedIn. The extension works in tandem with an application/site that allows you to store and sort your found contacts. From the LinkedIn site, the SalesQL extension works on the side of the screen, […]
Wordtracker Scout Extension
6 maanden
Wordtracker Scout speeds up and refines your recruiting process   Wordtracker Scout is a Chrome Extension that pulls relevant words and phrases from the web and shows you a variety of data based on these terms. When you open the tool, it scours the site you are on to find terms, and then allows you […]
Custom Chrome Extension Manager: A Recruiting & Sourcing Must Have
6 maanden
  Custom Chrome is the extension that manages your extensions   When recruiting, you often build up a massive collection of various Chrome Extensions, apps, and tools. Most likely, you get to a point where they no longer can fit at the top of your browser. This means, to get to your other tools, you […]
Using Free VPN While Sourcing
6 maanden
Free VPN allows you to change your virtual location Free VPN, or Free Virtual Private Network, is a free Chrome Extension that helps you mask your true IP address and location. This makes it more difficult for sites to track where you are searching from, and grants you access to sites you may not otherwise […]
Kendo: Social Email Finder
7 maanden
Kendo is a free tool worth adding to your collection Kendo is a tool for finding contact information that works as a free Chrome Extension. It’s a fairly straightforward tool, but has proven to be accurate and effective. Like many other tools, Kendo works on top of LinkedIn. When on a profile, Kendo will show […]
AFS – Advanced Facebook Search
7 maanden
  AFS helps you to harness the enormous quantity of Facebook profiles in an effective and efficient way   AFS, or the Advanced Facebook Search, is a search engine that allows you to sort through Facebook based on a number of terms. Facebook has billions of members, making it a great sourcing tool. However, without […]
Using The New Jobjet Prime
8 maanden
  The new Jobjet update is better than ever In a few months, it’s out with the old and in with the new for Jobjet Pro. Instead of Jobjet Pro, Jobjet itself is being packed with more functionality than ever before. First, let’s talk about the new and improved Chrome Extension. The extension itself is […]
SeekOut Puts Out Major Update
8 maanden
  “a no-brainer for any recruiter” ~ Noel Cocca Early next week, the SeekOut Chrome Extension will be releasing a major update that increases its utility and makes it a must-have for any workflow. Previously, the SeekOut extension was one of the best tools pulling people into a system and finding contact information. Now, this […]
Free Simple People Search Tool
8 maanden
Free People Search Tool is a fairly simple tool, but it cuts steps and time out of your search process. Basically, the tool is a custom search engine that searches through LinkedIn. However, in order to use the tool, you do not have to sign in to LinkedIn or pay, saving you time and money. […]
Prophet II: You Love It, We Love It
8 maanden
  Prophet II adds search interface   By now you should all know we love Prophet here at RecruitingDaily as we have been talking about them since 2014.  While the original Prophet was a Chrome Extension that found links and contact info from a variety of sites, Prophet II (currently in beta) builds on this by […]
Using Human Predictions To Source Candidate Profiles
9 maanden
  Human Predictions brings both high volumes of people and detailed specifications   Human Predictions is an app that gathers potential talent from a variety of different sites into one easy-to-use tool. Its detailed candidate profiles set it apart from other tools. Meanwhile, its large candidate pool allows you to source talent you may not […]
Werkgever moet nog veel leren in sollicitatietraject
1 jaar
AMSTERDAM, 13 september 2018 - De arbeidsmarkt is krap, mensen zijn moeilijk te krijgen. Daarom moet het sollicitatietraject optimaal worden ingericht. Kandidaten beoordelen de procedures slechts met een mager zesje, zo blijkt uit ons onderzoek. Daar is dus nog volop ruimte voor verbetering. Dit stel ik aan de hand van het grote onderzoek dat wij begin vorig jaar startten. Inmiddels hebben daar 6.350 sollicitanten aan deelgenomen, verspreid over een dertigtal grote en middelgrote werkgevers...
Groot onderzoek naar sollicitanten van start
2 jaar
AMSTERDAM, 28 maart 2017 - Search...
Samenwerking met Woordvoerdersacademie
4 jaar
AMSTERDAM, 7 augustus 2015 - Communicatie...
Recruity nu gratis te downloaden
9 jaar
AMSTERDAM, 23 maart 2010 - Recruity, de open source recruitment software van de Search... introduceert de Mind Picnic
9 jaar
AMSTERDAM, 24 februari 2010 - blijft vernieuwen. Nu introduceert het creatieve bedrijf de 'Mind Picnic', een manier om snel een nieuwe impuls te krijgen in de creatieve processen binnen de eigen organisatie. biedt organisaties de mogelijkheid om met topcreatieven uit de industrie om de tafel te zitten. Tijdens de Mind Picnic kijken zij met een frisse blik naar de marketing- en communicatievraagstukken en innovatieprocessen. Het doel is creativiteit te stimuleren...
Joint-venture met Intermesh voor open source software
9 jaar
AMSTERDAM, 10 februari 2010 - Vandaag start de Search...
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